Steel Industry Forecast 2014

Shanghai Metal Corporation

Year 2013 experienced a modest expansion in the steel production of only 2.4% to 1.582 million tonnes. With this figure we have to realize that it covers also a range of national and regional variations. On the other side, these variations are milder than it was in 2008 when the financial crises fully hit in many countries and weakened the markets for years. We can call this is a good sign of stability and recovery, but nothing else.

Economies in Europe and the Japan economy have been slowly improving, while the steel production in  China, the world leader in this industry, is slowing down.

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Focus on China

Still, China remains the worlds number one producer of steel. China is producing 49% of world’s total steel and in 2013 China’s production increased by 8.7% to 779 million tonnes.
Given the past growth of the Chinese steel production, it is expected to hit…

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Style with Stainless Steel

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Since the beginning of the 21st century, Stainless Steel has been a very popular finish in private and commercial kitchens. Many homes utilize Stainless Steel in appliances including the refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, etc. Now, Stainless Steel is finding its way onto more surfaces than just in appliances.


More often, home buyers will come across Stainless Steel sheets onto the walls in kitchens and other rooms. In fact, Stainless Steel has been very popular for its attractive surface. Many choose to use Stainless Steel for its easy to clean exterior and its hygienic surface. Food preparation is a lot easier with Stainless Steel as it is less likely to harbor bacteria when cleaned than other surfaces.   Since its surface is highly attractive to many consumers, more and more individuals are styling their homes and business with Stainless Steel!


If you are going to use Stainless Steel to your surfaces, let…

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Stainless Steel Cookware, the Safe Option

Stainless Steel Cookware, the Safe Option

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You probably think that if your food is thoroughly cooked, then the food is safe enough to eat. However, did you ever stop and think about your cookware? How safe are your pots, pans, and utensils?


Like most people, you may be unaware of the possibility of your food being filled with particles from your cookware. If that is the case, now is the time for change. A safe alternative to regular cookware is Stainless Steel cookware. Why Stainless Steel? Stainless Steel resists corrosion. This means that the surface of stainless steel will last for a long time. The materials will not break off or flake. With Stainless Steel, you will not need to worry about contaminating your food with chemicals and metal particles. When it comes to your health, you cannot take chances.


The best part of choosing stainless steel cookware is that they are extremely sturdy and durable. You will even…

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Qué es el aluminio lacado?

Descubre lo que es de aluminio lacado // Discover what is lacquered aluminum

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El aluminio es un material útil para los vehículos, los muebles, las construcciones y los paquetes. Es un metal conductor que no se corroe con facilidad y es muy liviano. El metal se evapora a un calor elevado y se condensa sobre una superficie fría, que es la forma en que se hacen muchos espejos cuando el aluminio se condensa sobre vidrio. El aluminio puede tolerar muchos tipos de recubrimientos, desde la pintura hasta el plástico y la laca. El aluminio lacado se usa más comúnmente para el empaquetado de alimentos.

Aspectos Básicos del aluminio

Como aleación que puede moldearse en muchas formas y espesores, el aluminio puede conducir la electricidad un 60 por ciento tan bien como el cobre. Este hecho y la capacidad de convertirlo en cables finos lo convierte en un buen sustituto para los cables de cobre en las aplicaciones eléctricas de alto voltaje. Una gran…

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Bullish Expectations for the Logistics Property Market in China

Great Article about Bullish Expectations for the Logistics Property Market in China: Stay Tuned with SMC!

Shanghai Metal Corporation

With the advent of changing consumption patterns in the mainland economy, the logistics property market is expected to increase at an incredible rate. Despite recent slowdowns in trade, some analysts predict that by 2029 the value of the logistics property will grow to a figure of about US$2.5 trillion. Much of this expected property value growth is fueled by consumption-lead changes within the mainland economy. According to the global real estate consultancy, Colliers International, “The total value of investment in warehouses and distribution centers there jumped 38.8 percent year on year to 3.2 billion yuan (HK$4.04 billion) last year, while the number of deals surged 85.7 percent.”


The surge in property values can be attributed to the law of supply and demand. Access to land remains problematic as local governments still remain hesitant to allocate the land to the logistics industry. Some corporations, however, are overcoming this property crunch by…

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Quién es SMC?

Check out our Company Presentation specifically dedicated to our wide target of Spanish costumers. SMC: the best Service, Management, Manufacturing. Visit

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Corporación Visión general

Shangai Metal Corporation (SMC) ofrece servicios en todo el mundo, como un fabricante integrado global, exportador y proveedor, con oficinas y filiales ubicadas en Asia, Europa, Australia, y las Américas. Nuestra empresa fabrica una amplia gama de productos de valor agregado de metal, sistemas de construcción, contenedores de transporte y maquinaria.
Nuestra empresa se ​​enorgullece de ser una empresa líder en la fabricación de material e innovación de procesos. Por otra parte nos dedicamos a producir con el compromiso de protejer del medio ambiente para la protección de nuestro planeta, mientras que al mismo tiempo contribuimos al bienestar de todo el mundo.
Todos los días los empleados de SMC en todo el mundo dedican sus esfuerzos para ofrecer productos de calidad y servicios confiables, lo cual demuestra el compromiso de nuestra empresa para todos nuestros clientes.

Visión y Filosofía

Como la empresa fabricante de acero más grande del mundo, Shanghai Metal Corporation (SMC) busca alcanzar nuestros…

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