Copper is the metal of civilization

Copper is essential for modern living.
It delivers electricity and clean water
into our homes and cities and makes an
important contribution to sustainable

Copper can be formed and stretched
into complex and intricate surfaces
without breaking. This makes it
possible to create spires, steeples,
musical instruments, bowls, bed
frames, tubes and a huge number of
other useful and beautiful products.
The very small diameter wires, which
transmit power in cars, computers,
televisions, lighting and mobile phones
only exist because of the high ductility
and malleability of copper.

copper coolest wire

Copper is interwoven with the story of
humanity’s progress.

Its crucial role in
our homes, in transportation, as well as
in infrastructure and in our industries
is omnipresent.

So, what are the special
features of this metal that make it
indispensible in the modern world?

By Laura C. // SMC Blogger/ Media Editor


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